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Translation Services

Approval and Process Follow-Up Service

We do the approval and document follow-up processes on your behalf!
We follow up your notary approval, apostille approval, foreign affairs approval, consular approval and other local governmental agency approvals for you. You can save time and money without having to come to Ankara. For detailed information and support, contact with our customer representative.

Call Center

We are ready to serve you whenever you need with our Call Center.
We provide services in Arabic, French, Russian, English, German and Turkish languages. We offer effective solutions by understanding you and your needs better.

Quality Translation Service

Quality service

Translation and service in accordance with international and local standards.

Qualified Institution

Qualified Institution

Corporate business with Commercial, Legal and Notary accreditations.

Affordable Cost Translation

Affordable Cost

Technology support, labor and cost savings.

Information Security

Information Security

Process management in accordance with information security.

Commercial Translation

You may contact with our customer advisor for translation of all documents you need and translator supports in Circular of Signature, Authorization, Contract, Specifications and your commercial activities.


You can make your conversations more effective and efficient through our translators. We offer consecutive interpretation, whisper and simultaneous translation support in all languages at meetings, seminars, conferences, online meetings and other events.

We meet your needs from Turkish to English Translation and from English to Turkish Translation with our expert Turkish Translators. We support you in all approval and document follow-up processes.

Turkish Translation

Turkish Translation

We do the translation of your documents from Turkish to English Translation and from English to Turkish Translation with Certified English Translators. You can have quality English Translation at affordable prices.

English Translation

English Translation

We provide from Arabic to English Translation and from English to Arabic Translation service with our experienced Arabic translators. Contact for quality translation with your Customer Services at an affordable price.

Arabic Translation

Arabic Translation

With our expert and experienced Russian Translators, we deliver fast and high quality of all your official documents from Russian to English Translation and from English to Russian Translation at an affordable price.

Russian Translation

Russian Translation

Translation in French is done by expert and experienced French Translator. You can benefit from our translation service from English to French Translation and from French to English Translation.

French Translation

French Translation

With our wide staff of translators, we carry out your procedures from German to English Translation and from English to German Translation with expert and experienced German Translator.

German Translation

German Translation

Translation Agency

Providing service to Turkey and the world with its three translation agencies, Onat Translation is ready to serve you at any moment you need. We offer translation and approval services for all your official dealings via Ankara Translation Agency. We offer translation services in more than 80 languages with more than 800 translators. With our more than 20 office workers, we offer quality services in translation and consultancy services in accordance with international standards.

Certified Translation

We deliver certified translations with certified translators accredited and certified by notary and courts. You can buy our certified translation services at an affordable price. Our certified translations; Our certified translations are valid in institutions of Turkey and Internationally. You can contact with our call center for English Certified Translation and English Certified Translator.


Approval Services

All approval services are provided by our institution. Consulate approval of the documents received to Turkey, translations of them, notary approval and the ministry of foreign affairs approval are conducted. Notary certified translations, apostille approval, the ministry of foreign affairs and consulate approvals of the documents to be sent from Turkey to abroad. We can provide you with information and support in approval procedures.

Legalization Services

The translations of our translators accredited by courts and notaries are suitable for legalization. We complete all the legalization processes of your documents and their translations.

Legalization Service

Birth Certificate Translation

Birth Certificate Translation can be requested for marriage procedures, citizenship procedures, birth registration, correction of registration and other official procedures. We do Turkish Translation of Birth Certificate and Turkish Diploma Translation at affordable cost and fast. According to the requesting institution, a certified or notarized birth certificate translation service is provided.

Formula A Translation

Formula A document is a special form of birth certificates. Formula A Translation and Turkish Formula A Translation can be used in processes using the birth certificate.

Formula B Translation

Marriage declaration form and Formula B translation can be used for reporting and certification of marriages. Turkish Formula B Translation and Approval Services are provided according to the institution to which the documents will be submitted.

Formula C Translation

Death Certificate Translation and Formula C Translation are used for inheritance processes, funeral transfers and death notification processes. Turkish Formula C translation and Turkish Death Certificate translation services and necessary approvals are provided by our agency.

Celibacy Certificate Translation

There is a need for translation of celibacy document in marriage preparation and marriage application procedures. Celibacy documents Turkish translation are provided quickly and affordably.

Wedding Interpretation

English or Turkish translator can be necesssary for the wedding procedures to be held in marriage offices of Turkey and consulates. You can get Wedding Interpreting support.

Passport Translation

Passport Translation can be requested for citizenship procedures, marriage procedures, power of attorney procedures, sales procedures and other official procedures. In passport translations, it is sufficient to show the original passport as well as a copy of the passport for approval. No action is required on the original passport.

Title Deed Translation

Turkish translator is needed for land, apartment and other Title Deed selling procedures. Title Deed Interpretation should be done by legal translators certified by the court. During the sale application, certified translator should present information to the Land Registry Institution. For detailed information and support, You can contact with our customer advisor regarding the need of English Title Deed Translator.

Diploma Translation

Diploma translation is required for school, university and job applications and equivalence procedures. Our customer representatives, who are experienced in diploma translation, diploma notarization and diploma apostille approval procedures, guide you right and follow all your transactions on your behalf.

Higher Education Institution (HEI) (YOK) Equivalency Consultancy

Recognition and acceptance of academic background may be required for school and job applications. Diploma Translation, Transcript Translation, Thesis Cover and Summary Translation are required for the equivalence process. We offer consultancy services for Turkish translation and approval processes. You do not need to be in Ankara or Turkey for application and follow-up. We can do all the transactions related to Equivalence Consultancy service for you. We recommend that you get Diploma Equivalency Consultancy to save time and cost.